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NextGen Advisory: Digital Advisory tool for Farmers

Empowering Farmers with Digital Guidance The NextGen Advisory is an online advisory tool, a comprehensive decision support system designed to provide site-specific fertilizer recommendations for key crops in Ethiopia, such as maize, teff, and wheat. It integrates hyper-localized data and tailored approaches to address specific household needs under the integrated soil fertility management plus (ISFM+) framework. Additionally, the tool offers crucial climate information services to guide farmers on optimal planting dates and fertilizer application timings. By leveraging various technologies and machine learning algorithms, this tool aims to enhance agricultural productivity and sustainability by delivering precise, actionable advisories directly to farmers.

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AKILIMO: Digital Decision Support Tool

We know cassava The AKILIMO application offers personalized agronomic advice for cassava farmers, aiding in decisions related to land preparation, planting and harvesting schedules, fertilizer use, and intercropping. It predicts yields and provides tailored recommendations to maximize profits. Utilizing decision trees and algorithms based on field trials and modeling, it's accessible as a printable guide, smartphone app, interactive voice response system, and chatbot. Currently available in southern Nigeria and Tanzania, it caters to users of all literacy levels through various formats, including paper-based tools and a smartphone app downloadable from the Google Play Store.

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Multifunctional biopesticide: Ecopticide Agri

Ecopticide Agri, your 3-in-1 bio product against insect, fungi and nematode Ecopticide Agri emerged as a groundbreaking environmental solution designed to combat the escalating challenges faced by farmers in pest management. Conventional approaches led to harvest losses, reduced production yield, and environmental concerns such as soil depletion and biodiversity loss. Pests developed resistance to existing control products, rendering them less effective. In response, Ecopticide Agri was developed to provide a multifunctional, preventive solution, reducing the risk of pest invasions and enhancing crop protection.

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Trace: FairFood Traceability Solutions

Easy-to-use solution for food traceability Fairfood offers advanced tracking solutions through Trace technology, enabling agricultural and food-related companies to transparently showcase the exact origins of their products. This technology empowers companies to openly provide evidence supporting claims of product sustainability, facilitating transparency and accountability. Whether through public disclosure or inclusion on product packaging, Trace technology enhances trust by giving consumers verifiable insights into the journey and sustainability practices associated with the products they choose.

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KABAMANOJ F1: Orange maize hybrid

Unleashing the Power of High-Yielding Orange Maize Across Africa! The new maize variety, born out of agricultural innovation, has been developed to address specific challenges faced in maize cultivation in Africa. Engineered with features such as early maturity, increased resistance to biotic and abiotic stresses, and adaptation to the African climate, this variety aims to enhance maize yields and production sustainability. By incorporating modern farming practices, it provides a promising solution to improve food security in the region and promote agriculture resilient to environmental changes.

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Turbocrop: Field crop plant establishment biostimulant

Specialized biostimulant for root development and vegetative growth on field crops Turbocrop stands as a specialized biostimulant, strategically crafted to elevate root development and stimulate vegetative growth across crops. The formulation is tailored to fortify plants against abiotic stressors, encompassing extreme temperatures, drought conditions, and nutrient deficiencies. Its multifaceted benefits include enhanced root architecture, optimized nutrient utilization, and holistic support for robust plant growth, ultimately contributing to improved crop resilience and productivity.

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GrainMate: Grain Moisture Meter

Control the moisture content of grains and reduce post-harvest losses. The lack of precise moisture content measurement increases the risk of mold growth, insect infestation, and aflatoxin contamination during storage, resulting in significant losses for farmers and aggregators, up to 30% of the produced grains. In sub-Saharan Africa, farmers face challenges due to the unavailability and high cost of moisture meters. Consequently, they rely on traditional, subjective methods like biting and tossing kernels, which can lead to inaccurate measurements. Poultry farmers using high-moisture grains experience reduced egg productivity and increased bird mortality. The introduction of affordable and accessible grain moisture meter technology is crucial to address these issues and improve overall grain quality management.

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PAC 740: Orange maize hybrid

High yielding orange maize hybrid, medium maturity with high field tolerance to drought The Orange maize hybrid technology is an improved variety of maize offering high yields of up to 10 tons per hectare. It stands out for its tolerance to foliar diseases, especially blight, and its drought resistance. This hybrid variety has the potential for double yields compared to an Open-Pollinated Variety (OPV), providing farmers with a significantly higher return on investment. It addresses challenges such as low yields, the dual-purpose option for grain and fodder, and moisture stress.

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Pre-plant blended fertilizers and nitrogen topdressing for maize

Unlock Maize Potential with Balanced Fertilizer Bliss! Balanced Fertilizer Blend for Maize is a specialized mixture of nutrients crucial for optimal maize growth. Proper application of this blend ensures robust root systems, disease resistance, and improved grain production. It addresses the issue of inadequate nutrient supply which often leads to subpar yields and environmental losses. This technology provides a cost-effective and efficient solution for maize farmers, enhancing both profitability and sustainability.

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TEGO: Drought tolerant and high yield maize varieties

Boost yields, and income with advanced maize. TEGO is an innovative agricultural solution designed to address the challenges of drought resilience and food security in maize cultivation. By integrating advanced breeding techniques, genetic traits for drought tolerance, and climate-smart agricultural practices, TEGO technology offers a comprehensive approach to improving agricultural productivity and sustainability. Key features include the development of maize hybrids with enhanced drought tolerance and high yield potential, promotion of sustainable farming practices to conserve natural resources and mitigate environmental degradation, and provision of training and extension services to empower farmers with the knowledge and tools needed to adapt to changing climatic conditions. TEGO technology represents a promising solution for enhancing resilience to drought and climate variability, thereby contributing to food security and livelihoods in agricultural communities worldwide.

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Herbicides Calculator

Reduce pesticide and herbicide losses with IITA's herbicide calculator Widespread abuse of pesticides (including herbicides) is common due to poorly calibrated spray tanks. Farmers overdose or underdose when applying pesticides. The IITA Herbicide Calculator helps farmers and spray service providers to correctly estimate the amount of herbicide to add to backpack sprayers, and promotes herbicide efficacy.

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Pre-emergence herbicides for maize crops

Unlocking Maize's Full Potential Pre-emergence herbicides for maize crops are a crucial innovation for agriculture in Sub-Saharan Africa. High weed encroachment poses a significant threat to crop yields by depleting soil nutrients and water. These herbicides, applied before or at planting, prevent weed development during the critical early growth stages of maize, ensuring higher grain yields, better fertilizer efficiency, and increased resilience to drought. Their adoption is vital for improving food security and agricultural sustainability in the region.

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Golden maize varieties (High provitamin A)

Nutrition-boosting, income-enhancing maize. Provitamin A Enriched Golden Maize Varieties are biofortified maize crops with significantly higher levels of provitamin A, addressing widespread malnutrition in Sub-Saharan Africa. They play a crucial role in reducing vitamin A deficiency, a leading cause of preventable blindness and weakened immunity.

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Disease Diagnosis: Nuru for in-field Pest

Crop Care in Your Pocket: Nuru App, Your Farming Companion PlantVillage Nuru is a groundbreaking smartphone app that harnesses artificial intelligence to offer real-time offline diagnosis of crop damage symptoms caused by diseases and pests. Initially developed for cassava, it now extends its capabilities to diagnose damage in maize and is expanding to cover other crops, like potato. This free app not only provides instant diagnoses but also fosters community connections among users and offers guidance on managing the identified diseases and pests. This technology is a pivotal tool for farmers, enabling them to swiftly identify and address crop issues, ultimately enhancing agricultural productivity.

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DTMA & WEMA: Drought Tolerant Maize Varieties and Water Efficient Maize Varieties

Enhance farm's resilience with DTMA and WEMA maize varieties, ensuring consistent yields even in unpredictable weather. DTMA and WEMA are specially bred maize varieties designed to thrive in regions prone to water scarcity. They play a crucial role in enabling farmers to navigate unfavorable rainfall conditions, significantly enhancing productivity and reducing the risk of crop failure.

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Hello Tractor: Contract mechanization apps

Enhance crop productivity, reduce labour costs, and increase incomes with Hello Tractor - the digital platform revolutionizing agricultural mechanization in Sub-Saharan Africa. In Sub-Saharan Africa, the rental of mechanized agricultural equipment like sensors, robots, and tractors to farmers by service companies and private owners is increasing. However, small-scale producers face challenges in accessing these technologies due to information gaps, high costs, and operational risks. Phone applications and data systems offer solutions by enabling contractors to make informed decisions, increase cost-effectiveness, and accelerate business growth. Hello Tractor, a power equipment sharing application, exemplifies this innovation. It connects tractor owners and smallholder farmers, facilitating collaborative consumption through a marketplace where farmers can request and pay for services via SMS and mobile wallets. Data supports various functions, including credit scoring, market intelligence, risk management, and flexible loan repayment structures tailored to crop production seasons and cash flows.

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Combine Harvesters and Fleet Management

Efficient Harvesting Combine harvesters are versatile agricultural machines capable of performing multiple harvest operations in a single process. They come in various sizes to cater to different farming needs, handling crops like wheat, maize, rice, soybean, and more. Efficient management and fleet selection are crucial for optimizing performance and minimizing costs. These machines significantly reduce grain losses and labor expenses, making them essential for wheat farming and increasing production in labor-scarce areas.

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Maize-legume rotation and intercropping

Maize-legume: Savings in Soil, Growth in Profit Maize-legume rotation and intercropping is an innovative agricultural practice that combines the cultivation of maize and legumes on the same plot of land. This technique has proven to be highly beneficial, enhancing soil fertility through nitrogen fixation, increasing land and resource use efficiency, reducing weed and pest infestations, and ultimately leading to higher crop yields. It not only provides subsistence farmers with a more balanced and nutritious diet but also helps mitigate the risks associated with crop failure due to factors like drought or pests. This sustainable approach has made a significant impact in Sub-Saharan Africa, improving food security and agricultural productivity.

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PICS: Hermetic Bags for Safe Storage of grain

Low cost storage technologies for grain Large post-harvest losses of bean occurs across Sub-Sahara Africa because of improper storage techniques resulting in pest infestation that threatens the food security and livelihoods of farmers. As a result, farmers may opt to sell their produce immediately after harvest when market prices are at their lowest as a risk avoidance strategy. Grain storage pests such as weevils (bruchids) can be controlled by physical, chemical and biological methods. Some of the physical methods include use of hermitic storage bags and containers. The hermetic storage technology for grains avoids grain damage using sealed bags that prevents movement of air and moisture. The bags preserve the quality of grains and obstruct the entry of insects and microbial organisms through depletion of oxygen levels and accumulation of carbon dioxide. These conditions prevent damage by insects like weevils, moths and mites, curb development of fungi like aflatoxin that contaminate the grain, and maintain the taste and color characteristics of food. Hermitic bags allow for storage of grain without the need to apply chemicals.