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ABC Grower: Biomineralization of weeds using efficient microorganisms

Solar-Powered, Cost-Effective, and Ecologically Smart BioFertilizer for Thriving Crops and Sustainable Agriculture To address challenges like climate-induced land degradation and the limited adoption of traditional composting, ABC Grower emerges as an innovative solution. With efficient and cost-effective fertilization, precise formulation for improved efficiency, solar-powered production, and economic valorization of weeds, ABC Grower aligns with the agroecological transition in West Africa, offering a sustainable response to evolving agricultural needs.

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Rice-fish culture: Integrating rice and fish farming systems

Rice-Fish System Boosts Profits, Enhances Lowland Land Use for Food Security and Prosperity The rice-fish farming system emerged as a solution to address various agricultural challenges. It was developed to counter widespread food and nutrition insecurity, the vulnerability of smallholder rice farmers to market shocks due to a lack of diversification, and environmental pollution resulting from excessive agrochemical use. This innovative approach not only enhances food and nutrition security but also boosts smallholder farmers' income through the combined sale of rice and fish. Additionally, the system promotes environmental safety by eliminating the need for agrochemicals, contributing to sustainable and resilient agricultural practices.

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Multifunctional biopesticide: Ecopticide Agri

Ecopticide Agri, your 3-in-1 bio product against insect, fungi and nematode Ecopticide Agri emerged as a groundbreaking environmental solution designed to combat the escalating challenges faced by farmers in pest management. Conventional approaches led to harvest losses, reduced production yield, and environmental concerns such as soil depletion and biodiversity loss. Pests developed resistance to existing control products, rendering them less effective. In response, Ecopticide Agri was developed to provide a multifunctional, preventive solution, reducing the risk of pest invasions and enhancing crop protection.

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Trace: FairFood Traceability Solutions

Easy-to-use solution for food traceability Fairfood offers advanced tracking solutions through Trace technology, enabling agricultural and food-related companies to transparently showcase the exact origins of their products. This technology empowers companies to openly provide evidence supporting claims of product sustainability, facilitating transparency and accountability. Whether through public disclosure or inclusion on product packaging, Trace technology enhances trust by giving consumers verifiable insights into the journey and sustainability practices associated with the products they choose.

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KABAMANOJ F1: Orange maize hybrid

Unleashing the Power of High-Yielding Orange Maize Across Africa! The new maize variety, born out of agricultural innovation, has been developed to address specific challenges faced in maize cultivation in Africa. Engineered with features such as early maturity, increased resistance to biotic and abiotic stresses, and adaptation to the African climate, this variety aims to enhance maize yields and production sustainability. By incorporating modern farming practices, it provides a promising solution to improve food security in the region and promote agriculture resilient to environmental changes.

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MoneyMaker: Low-cost irrigation pumps

Low-cost irrigation technologies for increasing incomes for smallholder farmers. MoneyMaker's irrigation solutions prioritize sustainable water management, employing smart technology for efficient resource use. Designed to enhance crop yield and profitability, these solutions offer real-time insights into soil moisture and precise water application, contributing to environmental conservation and farm productivity.

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Turbocrop: Field crop plant establishment biostimulant

Specialized biostimulant for root development and vegetative growth on field crops Turbocrop stands as a specialized biostimulant, strategically crafted to elevate root development and stimulate vegetative growth across crops. The formulation is tailored to fortify plants against abiotic stressors, encompassing extreme temperatures, drought conditions, and nutrient deficiencies. Its multifaceted benefits include enhanced root architecture, optimized nutrient utilization, and holistic support for robust plant growth, ultimately contributing to improved crop resilience and productivity.

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PAC 501: High yielding white grain sorghum hybrid

Unleash Prosperity with Our Drought-Tolerant White Grain Sorghum Hybrid This groundbreaking technology in high-yielding white grain sorghum hybrids represents an innovative response to critical challenges in sorghum cultivation. Developed in the context of a growing need for high-quality, abundant sorghum production, this exceptional variety delivers significantly increased yields compared to traditional methods. Its advantage lies not only in its capacity to produce more but also in its adaptability to changing environmental conditions, including enhanced resistance to water stress. This technology redefines the standard for sorghum cultivation by providing a versatile and reliable solution for farmers, ensuring plentiful and quality harvests across diverse climatic contexts.

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Rice Swarna 2

Unleashing Prosperity with Resilient Rice - Medium Cycle, Maximum Yield, Unmatched Quality The Rice Swarna 2 technology emerges as an innovative solution to critical challenges in rice cultivation. Developed in response to the increasing demand for high-yield, high-quality rice, this revolutionary variety addresses traditional issues such as low yields, insufficient milling rates, and susceptibility to diseases like Bacterial Leaf Blight (BLB) and blast disease. With yields reaching up to 10 tons per hectare, a milling rate exceeding 70%, and enhanced disease resistance, Rice Swarna 2 signifies a significant breakthrough. It provides farmers with a cost-effective and sustainable solution to meet the growing demand for superior-quality rice.

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GrainMate: Grain Moisture Meter

Control the moisture content of grains and reduce post-harvest losses. The lack of precise moisture content measurement increases the risk of mold growth, insect infestation, and aflatoxin contamination during storage, resulting in significant losses for farmers and aggregators, up to 30% of the produced grains. In sub-Saharan Africa, farmers face challenges due to the unavailability and high cost of moisture meters. Consequently, they rely on traditional, subjective methods like biting and tossing kernels, which can lead to inaccurate measurements. Poultry farmers using high-moisture grains experience reduced egg productivity and increased bird mortality. The introduction of affordable and accessible grain moisture meter technology is crucial to address these issues and improve overall grain quality management.

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PAC 740: Orange maize hybrid

High yielding orange maize hybrid, medium maturity with high field tolerance to drought The Orange maize hybrid technology is an improved variety of maize offering high yields of up to 10 tons per hectare. It stands out for its tolerance to foliar diseases, especially blight, and its drought resistance. This hybrid variety has the potential for double yields compared to an Open-Pollinated Variety (OPV), providing farmers with a significantly higher return on investment. It addresses challenges such as low yields, the dual-purpose option for grain and fodder, and moisture stress.

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Soybean inoculant: Rhyzobium inoculant range, various strains

N-fixing bacteria to reduce chemical fertilizer use Stimuplant is an inoculant designed for diverse legume crops, leveraging a symbiotic association with Rhizobia bacteria. This unique collaboration enhances nitrogen levels in the soil, contributing 40 to 150 kg per hectare. Certified with CERES organic certification, Stimuplant ensures sustainable and organic farming practices. The innovative UPL powder carrier technology shields bacteria from harsh environmental conditions, providing extended shelf life (9 months) and offering practical packaging tailored for smallholder farmers. This multifaceted solution addresses nitrogen scarcity, promotes organic certification, and enhances the accessibility of inoculants for farmers.

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Mechanized Threshing Operations

Efficient Threshing for Productive Farms Mechanized Threshing Operations is a technology that efficiently separates seeds or grain from harvested plants. It addresses the labor-intensive process of manual threshing, particularly performed by women. Mechanized threshers use small petrol engines to process seeds and grain rapidly, offering a significant improvement in efficiency.

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IPM: Integrated Management of Insects, Diseases and Weeds

Smart Solutions for Safer Farming The technology "Integrated Management of Insects, Diseases, and Weeds" is of paramount importance that addresses several critical issues in Pest and Disease Vulnerability, Inappropriate Pesticide Usage, Pesticide Resistance, Food Security Concerns, Environmental Impact. The technology provides a solution through integrates various biological, mechanical, physical, and cultural methods to achieve more effective and sustainable crop protection. IPM is a vital strategy to combat the challenges posed by pests and diseases, ensuring food security, and promoting responsible agricultural practices.

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Advanced Weed Management: Mechanical and Chemical Weed Management

Weed Management for Optimal Yield The "Mechanical and Chemical Weed Management" technology is a game-changer for bean farmers, especially in regions like Sub-Saharan Africa. Weeds can cause major losses in bean crops, and this technology offers a more efficient and cost-effective solution compared to manual weeding. By using herbicides and mechanical weeders, farmers can save time, increase their yield, and ultimately improve their income. This innovation is a powerful tool in ensuring food security and economic stability for bean farmers in various African countries.

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Low-Cost Staking for Climbing Beans

Empowering Beans, Sustaining Growth! The technology is a low-cost and sustainable solution for staking climbing beans, offering lower-cost, environmentally friendly alternatives, reducing the required number of stakes and addressing yield limitations associated with traditional staking methods.

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Specialty Fertilizer Blends for Common Bean

Boost your Bean Production Yield In Sub-Saharan Africa, common bean production faces challenges due to poor soil nutrient availability. To address this issue, specialized fertilizer blends designed for common beans offer a balanced mix of nutrients, including phosphorus, potassium, sulfur, and sometimes starter nitrogen, tailored to soil conditions and crop needs. These custom blends, combined with the right application timing and methods, significantly boost common bean productivity, nitrogen fixation, and resilience to environmental stressors, ultimately leading to improved yields and crop quality. This technology plays a vital role in enhancing food security and income for bean farmers in the region.

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Low-dose pest control: Seed dressing of Seed with Fungicide and Insecticide

Pest control for optimum yields The "Seed Dressing with Fungicide and Insecticide" technology is crucial in mitigating yield losses in common beans caused by fungal diseases like anthracnose and insect pests such as stem maggots in Africa. These issues significantly impact crop productivity and jeopardize the profitability of improved varieties and fertilizer inputs for farmers. The use of chemical control agents in seed dressing offers an affordable and eco-friendly approach to prevent losses and boost production. This method, utilizing minimal pesticides, facilitates better seedling emergence and enhances the crop's resistance throughout the growing season, thereby aiding in maintaining and improving common bean yields in the face of prevalent diseases and pests.

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Hermetic Bags for Safe Storage of Wheat

Low-cost storage technologies for grain The hermetic storage technology for grains plays a crucial role in ensuring food security and the livelihood of farmers in Sub-Saharan Africa. By using sealed bags that prevent air, moisture, and pests from damaging stored grains, this technology helps reduce large post-harvest losses and allows farmers to sell their produce at better prices. It maintains grain quality, prevents insect infestations, fungal contamination, and preserves the taste and appearance of food products. This simple and cost-effective solution empowers farmers to enhance year-round food supply and income, making it a vital tool in addressing food security challenges.