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AKILIMO Digital Decision Support Tool

We know cassava

AKILIMO is a digital application that offers site-specific advice for cassava farming using decision trees and algorithms derived from field trials and modeling. Users input farm details, and the tool provides personalized guidance on planting, fertilizing, and harvesting to maximize yield and profit. It's accessible via smartphone app, printable guide, voice response, and chatbot for users of all literacy levels.


This technology is pre-validated.


Scaling readiness: idea maturity 8/9; level of use 7/9

ROI: $$$ 2567 %


  • Lack of Personalized Agronomic Guidance: This encompasses the absence of tailored advice for smallholder farmers, particularly in cassava production, leading to challenges in optimizing crop management practices and efficient input usage.
  • Suboptimal Farming Strategies and Productivity: Due to limited access to personalized guidance, farmers often adopt less than ideal farming strategies, resulting in lower productivity.
  • Resource Inefficiency and Unsustainability: Without proper guidance, farmers may not use resources efficiently and could resort to unsustainable farming practices.


  • Tailored Agronomic Advice: AKILIMO provides personalized recommendations for crop management, input usage, and optimization strategies tailored to specific farm conditions and requirements.
  • Advanced Data Analytics: The platform uses advanced data analytics and machine learning algorithms to analyze data and provide insights into optimal farming practices, enabling farmers to receive accurate, data-driven recommendations.
  • Resource Optimization: AKILIMO assists farmers in optimizing the use of resources such as fertilizers, pesticides, and water through tailored recommendations, leading to improved yields and reduced input costs.
  • Sustainable Farming Practices: AKILIMO promotes environmentally friendly and socially responsible farming practices. By following AKILIMO’s guidance, farmers can minimize environmental impact while maximizing productivity.

Key points to design your business plan

AKILIMO is a digital application that revolutionizes cassava farming by providing personalized agronomic advice. It effectively addresses common challenges of farmers like inefficient nutrient management and weed infestation, leading to increased agricultural productivity and profitability. To use this technology,

  1. Download and Install: Access the AKILIMO app from the Google Play Store on your smartphone or tablet. You can also use the Web App.
  2. Cost Structure Considerations:
  • Free Access: The app can be downloaded and used for free. However, farmers should consider the costs associated with acquiring smartphones and data plans necessary to run the app effectively.
  • Training Expenses: It’s essential to allocate resources for training to ensure that farmers and extension agents can utilize the app efficiently.
  • Implementation Costs: Farmers should also factor in the costs associated with implementing the recommendations provided by the app, such as investing in fertilizers and weed management technologies.

Implementing the recommendations from AKILIMO can lead to significant profits. Farmers who have used the app should determine their profit.


Positive or neutral impact

Adults 18 and over
Positive medium
No impact
The poor
No impact
Under 18
Positive high
Positive low

Positive or neutral impact

Climate adaptability
It adapts really well
Adaptability for farmers
It helps a lot
It doesn't hurt them
Carbon footprint
It reduces emissions a lot
It doesn't make a difference
Soil quality
It makes the soil healthier and more fertile
Water usage
It uses a lot less water

Countries with a green colour
Tested & adopted
Countries with a bright green colour
Countries with a yellow colour
Egypt Equatorial Guinea Ethiopia Algeria Angola Benin Botswana Burundi Burkina Faso Democratic Republic of the Congo Djibouti Côte d’Ivoire Eritrea Gabon Gambia Ghana Guinea Guinea-Bissau Cameroon Kenya Libya Liberia Madagascar Mali Malawi Morocco Mauritania Mozambique Namibia Niger Nigeria Republic of the Congo Rwanda Zambia Senegal Sierra Leone Zimbabwe Somalia South Sudan Sudan South Africa Eswatini Tanzania Togo Tunisia Chad Uganda Western Sahara Central African Republic Lesotho
Countries where the technology has been tested and adopted
Country Tested Adopted
Ghana Tested Not adopted
Nigeria Tested Adopted
Rwanda Tested Not adopted
Tanzania Tested Adopted

This technology can be used in the colored agro-ecological zones. Any zones shown in white are not suitable for this technology.

Agro-ecological zones where this technology can be used
AEZ Subtropic - warm Subtropic - cool Tropic - warm Tropic - cool

Source: HarvestChoice/IFPRI 2009

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals that are applicable to this technology.

Sustainable Development Goal 9: industry, innovation and infrastructure
Goal 9: industry, innovation and infrastructure
Sustainable Development Goal 17: partnerships for the goals
Goal 17: partnerships for the goals

Akilimo can be used by following the procedures below:

  1. Download the App: The AKILIMO app is available for download on the Google Play Store.
  2. Open the App: Once installed, open the app on your device.
  3. Input Farm Details: You’ll be prompted to input specific details about your farm and farming practices.
  4. Receive Personalized Advice: Based on your inputs, the app will provide personalized guidance on planting, fertilizing, and harvesting strategies to maximize yield and profit.
  5. Implement the Advice: Apply the advice provided by the app in your cassava farming practices.

For more detailed instructions, you may want to check out the instructional videos available on the AKILIMO portal or the AKILIMO YouTube channel. Please note that the exact steps might vary depending on the version of the app. It’s always a good idea to refer to the official resources for the most accurate information.

Last updated on 22 May 2024