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NextGen Advisory Digital Advisory tool for Farmers

Empowering Farmers with Digital Guidance

The NextGenAgroadvisory is a comprehensive system that utilizes location-, context-, and climate-specific data to provide agricultural advisories. These advisories include optimal fertilizer application, integrated soil fertility management (ISFM), climate information services, climate-smart agricultural activities, pest and disease surveillance, and other relevant agricultural investments. The system uses machine learning algorithms to analyze various data points and generate precise recommendations for fertilizer application and other agricultural practices.


This technology is pre-validated.


Scaling readiness: idea maturity 8/9; level of use 7/9

24—36 %

Wheat yield increased




  • Limited access to location-specific, context-specific, and climate-specific data in certain regions, which may affect the accuracy of recommendations.
  • Dependence on the availability and reliability of meteorological services and climate data for effective planning of planting dates and fertilizer applications.
  • Need for additional resources to implement climate-resilient agricultural practices.
  • Risk of pest and disease outbreaks despite surveillance, requiring additional measures to control these threats.
  • Challenges in adopting and implementing integrated soil fertility management practices due to logistical constraints or limited knowledge.
  • Complexity in analyzing data and generating accurate recommendations using machine learning algorithms, requiring technical expertise and adequate computing resources.


  • Tailored fertilizer recommendations based on location-, context-, and climate-specific data.
  • Integration of climate information services to optimize planting dates and fertilizer application timing.
  • Implementation of climate-smart agricultural activities to improve resilience to changing environmental conditions.
  • Provision of pest and disease surveillance to mitigate risks and protect crops.
  • Recommendations for integrated soil fertility management practices to enhance soil health and nutrient availability.
  • Deployment of machine learning algorithms to analyze data and generate precise recommendations for agricultural practices.

Key points to design your business plan

NextGenAgroadvisory is a digital application that revolutionizes wheat, maize and teff farming by offering personalized management recommendations. It effectively tackles common challenges faced by farmers, such as inefficient nutrient management and weed infestation, resulting in increased agricultural productivity and profitability.

To utilize this technology:

  • Download and Install: Access the NextGenAgroadvisory app from Google Play or the Web App on your smartphone, tablet, or computer.

Cost Structure Considerations:

  • The app is available for free download and use. However, farmers should consider the costs associated with acquiring smartphones and data plans necessary to run the app effectively.
  • Allocate resources for training to ensure that farmers and extension agents can efficiently utilize the app.
  • Factor in the costs associated with implementing the recommendations provided by the app, such as investing in fertilizers and weed management technologies.

Implementing the recommendations from NextGenAgroadvisory can lead to significant profits. Farmers who have used the app should determine their profit.


Countries with a green colour
Tested & adopted
Countries with a bright green colour
Countries with a yellow colour
Egypt Equatorial Guinea Ethiopia Algeria Angola Benin Botswana Burundi Burkina Faso Democratic Republic of the Congo Djibouti Côte d’Ivoire Eritrea Gabon Gambia Ghana Guinea Guinea-Bissau Cameroon Kenya Libya Liberia Madagascar Mali Malawi Morocco Mauritania Mozambique Namibia Niger Nigeria Republic of the Congo Rwanda Zambia Senegal Sierra Leone Zimbabwe Somalia South Sudan Sudan South Africa Eswatini Tanzania Togo Tunisia Chad Uganda Western Sahara Central African Republic Lesotho
Countries where the technology has been tested and adopted
Country Tested Adopted
Ethiopia Tested Adopted

This technology can be used in the colored agro-ecological zones. Any zones shown in white are not suitable for this technology.

Agro-ecological zones where this technology can be used
AEZ Subtropic - warm Subtropic - cool Tropic - warm Tropic - cool

Source: HarvestChoice/IFPRI 2009

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals that are applicable to this technology.

Sustainable Development Goal 1: no poverty
Goal 1: no poverty
Sustainable Development Goal 2: zero hunger
Goal 2: zero hunger
Sustainable Development Goal 13: climate action
Goal 13: climate action
Sustainable Development Goal 15: life on land
Goal 15: life on land

The system leverages a combination of technologies including APIs, chatbots, web apps, and high-resolution maps to disseminate customized advisories.

  • Access the digital tool through any platform for free; all you need is an internet connection.
  • Data inputs for the system include soil data from SoilGrids, climate data from TerraClim, and topographic data from Amazon Web Services, which are then processed through machine learning algorithms (specifically, random forest) to predict optimal application rates and other agricultural advisories based on observed conditions and historical data.
  • The advisories are delivered to farmers through various channels, including mobile applications, SMS alerts, interactive voice response systems, and on-site extension services. This ensures that farmers have access to timely and relevant information regardless of their location or access to technology.
  • Farmers receive these advisories through videos, interactive voice responses (IVR), and other digital formats, making the information accessible and actionable. 

Last updated on 22 May 2024