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About TAAT Africa

TAAT, Technologies for African Agricultural Transformation, is a key flagship programme of the African Development Bank's ‘Feed Africa’ strategy.

The TAAT programme is a major Africa-wide initiative designed to boost agricultural productivity across the continent by rapidly delivering proven technologies to millions of farmers. TAAT aims to double crop, livestock, and fish productivity by 2025, by expanding access to productivity-increasing technologies to more than 40 million smallholder farmers across Africa.

The TAAT e-catalogs showcase the best technologies currently available to transform African agriculture. Connecting technology providers directly with decision-makers from governments, the private sector and development organizations, and enabling them to select the perfect technologies for their needs.

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Technologies vetted and validated for use on the African continent.

Golden cassava varieties (Vitamin A fortified)

Yellow-fleshed cassava rich in vitamin A Low level of vitamin and mineral in the common varieties of cassava grown by farmers leads to widespread malnutrition and hidden hunger, and numerable desease in the African continent. Therefore, it comes to raise the provitamin A in the conventional cassava throught breeding technics by parking the Golden cassava’s roots with beta-carotenoid for the color caracteristic, these to be convert after ingestion into vitamin A by enzymes as per the need in the body.


SAH cassava: Semi Autotrophic Hydroponics for Cassava Multiplication

A rapid quality seed delivery technology for cassava Semi Autotrophic Hydroponics (SAH) is a groundbreaking technology transforming cassava planting. It addresses the slow propagation of improved varieties and contamination issues in traditional methods. SAH enables rapid access to high-quality, disease-free cassava planting materials, benefiting all farmers. This system involves trays with modified soil, plant roots, and minimal water, creating an ideal environment for healthy root growth. With low infrastructure costs, SAH is easily implementable in dispersed farming communities. It significantly reduces production costs and increases yields, making it a game-changer for cassava farming in Africa.

Validated 9•9
Cost: $$$ ROI: $$$ 3

Waxing of fresh cassava roots to extend the shelf-life and increase marketability

Extend shelf-life of fresh cassava The technology of "Waxing of fresh cassava roots" is crucial in addressing a significant challenge within the cassava root trade. Postharvest Physiological Deterioration (PPD) leads to rapid spoilage within two days of harvest. This spoilage drastically shortens the marketing period, resulting in reduced income for growers and traders, and diminished food security. Waxing the cassava roots using approved wax and fungicides significantly extends their shelf life to about 14 days or more. This extension is vital as it allows for a longer marketing duration, minimizing income loss, and maintains the quality and safety of the cassava roots.

Validated 7•7