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Linking public and private sector decision-makers with providers of the best vetted and validated agri-tech solutions for the African continent.

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TAAT, Technologies for African Agricultural Transformation, is an AfDB initiative to boost agricultural productivity by rapidly rolling out proven technologies to more than 40 million smallholder farmers. TAAT aims to double crop, livestock, and fish productivity by 2025 by engaging both public and private sectors to expand access to productivity-increasing technologies across the continent.

Government e-catalog

A collection of agricultural technologies ready to be deployed to mitigate the effects of pests, extreme weather, and diminishing harvests. The government e-catalogs include strategic information on how the technology can be integrated into a national AfDB program.

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Private sector e-catalog

With the Africa-wide efforts to enhance agricultural productivity, the time is right for businesses across the continent to invest in agri-tech. The private sector e-catalog includes return on investment information and key figures for successful investments.

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Featured toolkits

Curated technology toolkits for specific regions, problems, or commodities.

Climate Smart technologies

Climate-smart agriculture technologies for the sahel and horn of Africa

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Mechanization technologies

Mechanization technologies refer to machines, equipment, and tools designed to automate or facilitate agricultural tasks such as plowing, planting, harvesting, and crop processing. These technologies aim to improve the efficiency, productivity, and profitability of agricultural operations by replacing or supplementing manual labor with mechanized processes.

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Nutrient-rich variety

Varieties of grains, roots, tubers, enriched with essential nutrients such as: vitamin A, iron, zinc, etc.

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Soil health

This toolkit is a set of methods, practices, or products used to maintain or enhance the quality and fertility of soils. They include techniques such as crop management, the use of organic fertilizers, crop rotation, and other sustainable agricultural practices aimed at preserving soil health and maximizing crop yields.

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Water management technologies

These technologies aim to optimize the use of water for irrigation, improve soil moisture conservation, and enhance crop productivity while minimizing water wastage and environmental impact. They include techniques such as drip irrigation, rainwater harvesting, soil moisture sensors, and precision farming practices. Overall, these technologies help farmers make better use of water resources to sustainably meet agricultural needs and enhance food production.

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