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AKILIMO: Digital Decision Support Tool

We know cassava The AKILIMO application offers personalized agronomic advice for cassava farmers, aiding in decisions related to land preparation, planting and harvesting schedules, fertilizer use, and intercropping. It predicts yields and provides tailored recommendations to maximize profits. Utilizing decision trees and algorithms based on field trials and modeling, it's accessible as a printable guide, smartphone app, interactive voice response system, and chatbot. Currently available in southern Nigeria and Tanzania, it caters to users of all literacy levels through various formats, including paper-based tools and a smartphone app downloadable from the Google Play Store.

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Trace: FairFood Traceability Solutions

Easy-to-use solution for food traceability Fairfood offers advanced tracking solutions through Trace technology, enabling agricultural and food-related companies to transparently showcase the exact origins of their products. This technology empowers companies to openly provide evidence supporting claims of product sustainability, facilitating transparency and accountability. Whether through public disclosure or inclusion on product packaging, Trace technology enhances trust by giving consumers verifiable insights into the journey and sustainability practices associated with the products they choose.

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Herbicides Calculator

Reduce pesticide and herbicide losses with IITA's herbicide calculator Widespread abuse of pesticides (including herbicides) is common due to poorly calibrated spray tanks. Farmers overdose or underdose when applying pesticides. The IITA Herbicide Calculator helps farmers and spray service providers to correctly estimate the amount of herbicide to add to backpack sprayers, and promotes herbicide efficacy.

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Disease Diagnosis: Nuru for in-field Pest

Crop Care in Your Pocket: Nuru App, Your Farming Companion PlantVillage Nuru is a groundbreaking smartphone app that harnesses artificial intelligence to offer real-time offline diagnosis of crop damage symptoms caused by diseases and pests. Initially developed for cassava, it now extends its capabilities to diagnose damage in maize and is expanding to cover other crops, like potato. This free app not only provides instant diagnoses but also fosters community connections among users and offers guidance on managing the identified diseases and pests. This technology is a pivotal tool for farmers, enabling them to swiftly identify and address crop issues, ultimately enhancing agricultural productivity.

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Dual-purpose Millet Varieties for Crop and Livestock Integration

Harvest More, Feed Better, Farm Smarter The technology of "Dual-purpose Varieties for Crop and Livestock Integration" holds paramount importance, particularly in African drylands. The productivity of natural pastures and rangelands in these regions is diminishing due to overgrazing, soil degradation, and the impact of climate change. In the face of increasing livestock numbers, there is a growing need for crop residues that can be utilized as animal feeds. Traditional millet and sorghum varieties have proven inadequate as they lack the desired grain-to-stover ratio for both human and animal nutrition. Additionally, they possess higher lignin content, which reduces digestibility, and may contain tannin, leading to a bitter taste.

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PPR Vaccines: Disease Eradication through Thermostable PPR Vaccines

Reliable, Effective, and Accessible Disease Control for Small Ruminants. The Thermostable PPR Vaccine is a critical advancement in the fight against Peste des Petites Ruminants (PPR), a highly contagious viral disease affecting goats and sheep in Africa. This vaccine offers lifetime immunity, reducing mortality rates and economic losses estimated at US $2.1 billion annually.

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Hello Tractor: Contract mechanization apps

Enhance crop productivity, reduce labour costs, and increase incomes with Hello Tractor - the digital platform revolutionizing agricultural mechanization in Sub-Saharan Africa. In Sub-Saharan Africa, the rental of mechanized agricultural equipment like sensors, robots, and tractors to farmers by service companies and private owners is increasing. However, small-scale producers face challenges in accessing these technologies due to information gaps, high costs, and operational risks. Phone applications and data systems offer solutions by enabling contractors to make informed decisions, increase cost-effectiveness, and accelerate business growth. Hello Tractor, a power equipment sharing application, exemplifies this innovation. It connects tractor owners and smallholder farmers, facilitating collaborative consumption through a marketplace where farmers can request and pay for services via SMS and mobile wallets. Data supports various functions, including credit scoring, market intelligence, risk management, and flexible loan repayment structures tailored to crop production seasons and cash flows.

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