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CBC Cassava Business Connector

Revolutionize the cassava value chain with CBC, ensuring seamless communication and robust market linkages for enhanced income opportunities.

The Cassava Business Connector (CBC) is a digital platform that streamlines communication within the cassava value chain. It integrates stakeholders like producers, processors, and end-users, aiming to enhance market access and income opportunities. The CBC, accessible at http://taat-cbc.org, allows real-time tracking, communication, and coordination. It enables digital data collection and provides a map-based navigation tool. This innovation significantly improves the efficiency of the cassava value chain, benefitting all stakeholders.

This technology is TAAT1 validated.


Scaling readiness: idea maturity 8/9; level of use 8/9


Open source / open access


  • Communication gap between actors in the cassava value chain, leading to weak market linkage.
  • Lack of awareness among producers about potential buyers and vice versa.
  • Weak market linkage resulting in artificial gaps in demand-supply and potential glut effects.
  • Inefficient integration of value chain actors, hindering communication and coordination.
  • Lack of visibility among value chain actors, including producers, input suppliers, processors, and end-users.
  • Conventional procedures for value chain promotion are costly, time-consuming, and often limited to specific products.
  • The need for digital innovations, such as the Cassava Business Connector (CBC), to improve market access and enhance income-generating opportunities for all value chain actors.


  • Bridges communication gaps in the cassava value chain
  • Enhances coordination among stakeholders (producers, processors, end-users)
  • Improves market access and income opportunities
  • Enables real-time tracking, communication, and coordination
  • Facilitates digital data collection for efficient information management

Key points to design your business plan

Adoption of the Cassava Business Connector (CBC) technology offers significant advantages in streamlining communication and coordination within the cassava value chain, leading to improved efficiency and profitability.

To use it in your business, you need:

  • Information on products and services
  • Computers
  • Smartphones

When estimating the profitability of implementing the CBC technology, consider factors such as increased productivity, reduced wastage, and enhanced market linkages. 

To optimize results, you may associate with Geographical Positioning System (GPS) to provide geolocation of products and services.


Positive or neutral impact

Adults 18 and over
Positive high
The poor
Positive low
Positive medium

Countries with a green colour
Tested & adopted
Countries with a bright green colour
Countries with a yellow colour
Egypt Equatorial Guinea Ethiopia Algeria Angola Benin Botswana Burundi Burkina Faso Democratic Republic of the Congo Djibouti Côte d’Ivoire Eritrea Gabon Gambia Ghana Guinea Guinea-Bissau Cameroon Kenya Libya Liberia Madagascar Mali Malawi Morocco Mauritania Mozambique Namibia Niger Nigeria Republic of the Congo Rwanda Zambia Senegal Sierra Leone Zimbabwe Somalia South Sudan Sudan South Africa Eswatini Tanzania Togo Tunisia Chad Uganda Western Sahara Central African Republic Lesotho
Countries where the technology has been tested and adopted
Country Tested Adopted
Cameroon Tested Adopted
Democratic Republic of the Congo Tested Adopted
Nigeria Tested Adopted
Sierra Leone Tested Adopted
Tanzania Tested Adopted
Togo Tested Adopted

This technology can be used in the colored agro-ecological zones. Any zones shown in white are not suitable for this technology.

Agro-ecological zones where this technology can be used
AEZ Subtropic - warm Subtropic - cool Tropic - warm Tropic - cool

Source: HarvestChoice/IFPRI 2009

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals that are applicable to this technology.

Sustainable Development Goal 2: zero hunger
Goal 2: zero hunger
Sustainable Development Goal 8: decent work and economic growth
Goal 8: decent work and economic growth

  1. Stakeholder Integration: The CBC allows stakeholders to register and create virtual platforms within different countries. This integration facilitates seamless communication and coordination.

  2. Real-Time Tracking: The platform enables real-time monitoring of activities within the cassava value chain. This includes tracking the movement of cassava from production to end-users.

  3. Digital Data Collection: The CBC supports digital data collection, submission, and access. This feature streamlines the process of gathering and managing information related to cassava production and trade.

  4. Map-Based Navigation: It offers a map-based navigation tool, making it easy for users to locate and connect with relevant stakeholders, including producers, buyers, sellers, and other actors in the value chain.

  5. Alert System and Advertisement Features: The CBC includes an alert system and features for sharing product information. This functionality allows for direct trade linkages and enhances visibility for products in the market.

Last updated on 22 May 2024