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Trace: FairFood Traceability Solutions

Easy-to-use solution for food traceability Fairfood offers advanced tracking solutions through Trace technology, enabling agricultural and food-related companies to transparently showcase the exact origins of their products. This technology empowers companies to openly provide evidence supporting claims of product sustainability, facilitating transparency and accountability. Whether through public disclosure or inclusion on product packaging, Trace technology enhances trust by giving consumers verifiable insights into the journey and sustainability practices associated with the products they choose.

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Soybean inoculant: Rhyzobium inoculant range, various strains

N-fixing bacteria to reduce chemical fertilizer use Stimuplant is an inoculant designed for diverse legume crops, leveraging a symbiotic association with Rhizobia bacteria. This unique collaboration enhances nitrogen levels in the soil, contributing 40 to 150 kg per hectare. Certified with CERES organic certification, Stimuplant ensures sustainable and organic farming practices. The innovative UPL powder carrier technology shields bacteria from harsh environmental conditions, providing extended shelf life (9 months) and offering practical packaging tailored for smallholder farmers. This multifaceted solution addresses nitrogen scarcity, promotes organic certification, and enhances the accessibility of inoculants for farmers.

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Herbicides Calculator

Reduce pesticide and herbicide losses with IITA's herbicide calculator Widespread abuse of pesticides (including herbicides) is common due to poorly calibrated spray tanks. Farmers overdose or underdose when applying pesticides. The IITA Herbicide Calculator helps farmers and spray service providers to correctly estimate the amount of herbicide to add to backpack sprayers, and promotes herbicide efficacy.

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Hello Tractor: Contract mechanization apps

Enhance crop productivity, reduce labour costs, and increase incomes with Hello Tractor - the digital platform revolutionizing agricultural mechanization in Sub-Saharan Africa. In Sub-Saharan Africa, the rental of mechanized agricultural equipment like sensors, robots, and tractors to farmers by service companies and private owners is increasing. However, small-scale producers face challenges in accessing these technologies due to information gaps, high costs, and operational risks. Phone applications and data systems offer solutions by enabling contractors to make informed decisions, increase cost-effectiveness, and accelerate business growth. Hello Tractor, a power equipment sharing application, exemplifies this innovation. It connects tractor owners and smallholder farmers, facilitating collaborative consumption through a marketplace where farmers can request and pay for services via SMS and mobile wallets. Data supports various functions, including credit scoring, market intelligence, risk management, and flexible loan repayment structures tailored to crop production seasons and cash flows.

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Biological control of the pod borer Maruca vitrata with exotic parasitoids

Low-cost natural pest control "Biological control of the pod borer Maruca vitrata with exotic parasitoids" is of significant importance in addressing the extensive damage caused by this pest to cowpea crops. By introducing specific parasitic wasps from the World Vegetable Center labs in Taiwan, this approach has led to a remarkable reduction in the Maruca vitrata population, often exceeding 85%, in regions such as Benin and Burkina Faso. The collaboration between national agencies in releasing these parasitoids and their subsequent establishment on wild vegetation before moving to cowpea fields during the cropping season demonstrates the effectiveness of this biological control method. Furthermore, this technology is complemented by the use of resistant or tolerant cowpea varieties and the application of eco-friendly products like neem or other compatible biopesticides. These additional measures not only help combat companion pests like aphids and thrips but also significantly reduce the reliance on chemical pesticides, if not entirely replacing them. In essence, the biological control of the Maruca vitrata pod borer with exotic parasitoids represents a sustainable and environmentally friendly approach to pest management, contributing to higher cowpea yields and food security while minimizing the ecological impact of chemical pesticides.

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