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Trace: FairFood Traceability Solutions

Easy-to-use solution for food traceability Fairfood offers advanced tracking solutions through Trace technology, enabling agricultural and food-related companies to transparently showcase the exact origins of their products. This technology empowers companies to openly provide evidence supporting claims of product sustainability, facilitating transparency and accountability. Whether through public disclosure or inclusion on product packaging, Trace technology enhances trust by giving consumers verifiable insights into the journey and sustainability practices associated with the products they choose.

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Stepwise Climate Smart Investment Pathway

Accessible best agricultural practices for everyone The "Stepwise Approach" is a structured methodology developed by the IITA research team and its partners, particularly under the CGIAR Research Program on Climate Change, Agriculture, and Food Security (CCAFS). This approach is tailored to assist smallholder coffee farmers in Uganda in adopting Climate Smart Agriculture (CSA) practices. It functions by breaking down recommended, yet often unaffordable, best practices into smaller, more economically feasible packages that can be implemented gradually in phases. The Stepwise Approach takes into account specific agro-ecological variables and addresses the needs and aspirations of farmers to guide incremental investments in a systematic manner. It aims to inform and guide farmers on the most efficient investments required to enhance coffee yields, improve farmer livelihoods, and increase resilience to climate change effects. Additionally, it contributes to increasing awareness and knowledge about climate-smart agricultural practices among farmers and assists both the public and private sectors in effectively targeting extension support to smallholder coffee farmers.

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